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Ready, Set...Kite!

Rob Kniech Kiteboarding in South Padre Island Texas

Now that kiteboarding is a main contender in the world sailing top speed contingency, we are continually improving upon ourselves. The speed trials competition at last year's SPI Kite Round-Up was a blast, and showed some pretty impressive top speed reports. South Padre has a good setup for going fast. Steady, strong winds and shallow, butter-flat water. The perfect equation to post some high speeds in the contest. Those who did the best last year were the ones with the specially equipped kiteboards made for speed. Skinny and small kiteboards that are able to stay under control at high speeds that this contest requires.

So get ready for this year's best amateur Speed Trials competition. Start fine-tuning your equipment and stance to optimize your kite speed.


Register fastest speed down a fixed course as registered by radar gun.

Top Speed Course Map


  • 15 person MAX / heat
  • Heats last 16 - 20+ minutes, at race officials discretion based on # of runs accomplished by riders, etc
  • Riders must enter course through start gate (2 buoys, close together)
  • Riders must exit course through exit gate and slow while passing officials boat to confirm identity / number with race officials
  • Riders may not enter course behind another rider, until that rider is at least 1/2 way down the course
  • Rider can make as many passes through course as possible during heat


  • White Flag flying (accompanied by 1 horn blast) - one minute to start of heat
  • Green Flag flying (accompanied by 1 horn blast) - heat is on -
  • Red Flag flying (accompanied by 1 horn blast)
  • between heats / heat is ending, riders may make a final pass if en route to course, but not head back out for any more (When Red Flag is flying, Riders of the next heat should be entering the water, getting in position)


  • Registration begins at days 1st Riders Meeting (10:30 am) Riders will be placed in Heats based on order of registration and class
  • Start time will be determined based on wind, etc.
  • Stage Announcer: on stage
    • Relays information regarding Riders meeting times (hourly, starting at 10, until first possibly start, based on wind, etc
    • Relays info regarding heats on the water (racer times as called in by race officials) and heats on deck
    • Announces Racers Speeds as called in by Race Official
  • Race Official(s): 2 man team in boat located at exit of course
    • Relays info from Race boat to Stage Announcer.
    • Starts and ends Heats (posts flags and sounds horn)
    • Measures Speeds and Records Results


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